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2013-04-01 14:54:14
Is it the 'right' time to buy a home?

This is a question that, I am almost positive, everyone has asked themselves when buying a home. I know I have. It’s asked by first time home buyers, real estate investors and vacation home buyers alike. It also happens to be a one, usually one of the first, I get asked on a consistent basis.

The answer I give is always the same… “If this is the perfect home for your family, that meets all of your needs, most of your wants and all at a price you can afford? Then it is the right time. It’s the right time for you!”   

All any consumer wants is everything they ask for at a price that they can afford to pay. For some reason on big purchases, (cars, homes etc.) we have a tendency to hesitate. Now I’m not advocating everyone run out and spend all you money on expensive things without thinking and analyzing. There is a difference between a $500 new television and a $200,000 home. However, I am offering a different perspective. In my opinion, when you are searching for something as expensive as a house you should be prepared and when we find the one for you, you are ready and able to take advantage of the opportunity.  Thinking and analysis should be done before the search begins. This way the only thing left, is to find the “one” you’re looking for.

Let me tell you, I showed an absolutely beautiful home, sitting on 5 acres, in the Cedar Park Texas / Leander Texas area, a couple of weeks ago. It had a pool, a guest house and view of the river from just about every window. It had everything the wonderful couple I’ve been working with wanted. All the way down to wide open area that the grandkids could ride the dirt bikes on.

After seeing the home they wanted to discuss it over the weekend. Now, I am not a “you’ve got to do this now” high pressure guy. So I gave them the “take your time but” speech and left it at that. (You already know where I am headed with this story, don’t you.)  You guessed it! When they came back to me the next week, the home was under contract and there wasn’t anything I could do for them. So, we live and we learn and we move on to find the next opportunity.

This is a perfect example of my previous statement. There is no crystal ball. There is no way to see into the future and give a definitive answer on the “right” time to buy. At best it’s an educated guess from a professional, like me.

So, if there is no telling the future, we must go with information we have. If you are lucky enough to find the “right” home for your family and it just so happens to be at a price you can afford… Learn from my example and buy it! It is the “right” time. It’s the “right” time for you and your family!

Robert T. Evans aka. the “Big Man”



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