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2014-07-22 18:14:43
Preparing Your Home for Sale On A Budget

Preparing Your Home for Sale On A Budget

Statistically, homes sell for more after they are prepared properly for the market, and I would not let a small budget dissuade you from selling homes. After all, in some areas, such as the bathrooms, buyers spend about two seconds peeking into those rooms.

On a budget, I would suggest that you start on the outside. Ask a friend or neighbor to come over and give you objective advice. Because after you live in a home for a while, you might not see the things that will distract home buyers.

Home Selling on a Budget: Start With the Exterior

First impressions count. That's why your yard needs to be inviting. Trim back the bushes and trees, especially if they block views from the windows and make your home difficult to see from the street. Here are a few other low-cost curb appeal suggestions that you can do for less than a couple hundred dollars:

  • Keep the lawn mowed, preferably on the diagonal.
  • Plant yellow flowers such as marigolds along the walk or by the front door. The color yellow sells.
  • Wash the exterior windows.
  • Paint or replace the front door and buy new hardware, if needed/possible.
  • Power-spray the house to get rid of dirt and cobwebs.
  • Buy a new welcome mat for the front steps.
  • Paint your house number on the curb or buy a plaque displaying your house number and install near the entry.
  • Wash or replace a front porch light fixture. Replace any bulbs as needed. Bright is your friend.

Remove Excess Clutter and Furniture

Many homes contain too much furniture. You may benefit from removing 2 to 3 pieces of furniture from each room. Less furniture will make the rooms appear bigger. Don’t pay to store it, just simply stack it neatly in the garage for free.

  • Remove all personal photographs from tables and walls. Patch holes (yes this little thing matters) in the walls or hang non-personalized artwork over the existing nails. Otherwise people WILL walk around your home counting holes. I actually have seen this multiple times.
  • Pack up your bookcases (you're going to move anyway).
  • Clean out the closets and store non-essential items.
  • Rearrange your kitchen pantry, kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets in an orderly manner; you’re going for the max space look.

Thoroughly Clean the House BEFORE You Start Showing

You can hire a professional cleaning crew for about $300 or do it yourself for free. Be sure to wash the inside of the windows.

  • Hire a company or rent a carpet steamer and clean the carpets. You may find they do not need to be replaced.
  • Dust the tops of your doorways and window frames.
  • Polish all wood / ceramic flooring.
  • Wash all light fixture coverings and ceiling fan blades. (This will surprise you how much brighter lights are and how much harder the fans blow when they are clean.)

Updating the Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchens are the most important room in the house. It's considered to be the heart and soul of the home. Even if a buyer is not much of a cook, the kitchen is still where family and friends tend to gather. I know I can’t keep my kids out of it.

  • If new granite is out of your budget, consider either re-grouting the kitchen counter tiles, which is surprisingly cost effective, or covering them with granite tiles instead of granite slab.
  • For wood cabinets, stripping the finish and re-staining or painting will save you more money than re-surfacing the cabinets.
  • Buy new knobs and/or pulls for the cabinet doors. If you have 40 or so knobs on your kitchen cabinet, at a cost of about $5 per knob, your total outlay for new hardware will be about $200. New hardware will transform the appearance of your cabinets.
  • Replace a worn kitchen faucet for about $100 to $200. (Easy to do yourself.)
  • Buy new kitchen sink basket strainers for less than $25 each.

Painting the Interior

Professional painters will probably charge you anywhere from $300 to $500 to paint each room, but with a little patience, you can paint the rooms yourself.

** This is not the time to get creative. **

  • Choose a soft color in a light brown tone (never white), and paint every room the same color.
  • The painting will go faster if you paint the ceilings the same color, but ceilings really pop if they are a lighter color than the color of the walls. Lighter colors also make the ceilings appear higher.
  • For a 10 x 10 room, you will need 2 one-gallon cans of eggshell paint. Each one-gallon can of paint should cost no more than $25. For the amount of money a professional painter will charge you to paint one room, you can probably paint the entire house yourself.

Freshening Bathrooms on a Budget

If you have wallpaper in the bathroom, it's most likely peeling and should be removed. You can rent a steamer to remove the wallpaper or strip it yourself.

  • Consider replacing the toilet and vanity, especially if they are stained or particularly outdated. A new toilet and vanity can be pretty inexpensive, and it's easy to replace a toilet.
  • Replace any bulbs as necessary.
  • If the tub is stained, hire a professional to refinish it.
  • Clean water-stained shower doors with a lime dissolving detergent.
  • Buy a new shower curtain and tie it back with ribbons.
  • Hang fresh towels and lay down a new bath rug.
  • Place scented candles near a basket of tightly rolled wash cloths to create a spa-like environment.
  • Stash all personal items under the bathroom sink.

All of these are merely suggestions. I am actually a big advocate of keeping as much money in my sellers pocket as possible. Only replace when absolutely necessary. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes (because you will be buyers again). What would you want it to look like if you where buying your home? Stick to that mentality and, usually, everyone is happy.

Remember, whether you’re buying or selling… Call the Big Man Team! Size and Service do matter in Texas real estate.

Robert T. Evans aka. the 'Big Man'

Cell: (512) 417-9785 Fax: (512) 623-6038

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