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Just a few eXp Agent Benefits

eXp Realty Stock

Ownership in our brokerage

There are several options to acquire stock. The new direct purchase plan (stock at a 20% discount), shares on your first transaction each year and shares when you cap every year are just a few of them. As real estate agents, we work hard and should share in how well our company does. As stock owners, we do just that.


exp realty kunversion

Kunversion Lead Generation Website

I'll be honest. If you've never worked with Kunversion, you're missing out. If you have, you know exactly what I mean by that. There are too many ways to list how helpful and amazing this program/ dashboard/ CRM is so watch the video here and you'll get the idea.


save money with exp realty 

Keep More Money

In any economy we all want to keep more of our hard earned money. Have you done the real math on how much of your commission check you take home?


work from anywhere with exp

Work from Anywhere

Closing a transaction from Hawaii? Participating in a business planning session from Rome? Negotiating a contract from a Costa Rica beach? Our agents have done all of these! Being a part of a cloud based brokerage gives us the freedom to do what we need, when we need to do it from where ever we happen to be.


Unlimited growth with exp realty 








Unlimited Growth Potential

Grow your company/team while taking more money home. Are you part of a husband-wife Real Estate team? One Low Cap. Working with a team? One Low Cap. Become part of the “easy to get to a true 100%+” model like eXp agents do every day.

build your brand with exp realty








Build Your Brand

You’ve worked hard to establish your brand. Keep it! Build it! Get all the benefits of leveraging a great support team with very little cost. Find out ways to enhance your brand further with like-minded experts.


revenue share

Revenue Share

Want to retire from real estate one day? The eXp Realty revenue share program pays you residual income from anyone you attract to the company, regardless of office or company profitability. It's simple and straightforward... if they make money, you make money.


technology team

A Technology Team

The "Working the Magic" team at eXp is available to answer any of your tech questions, assist with your websites, help with basic graphic requests and provide weekly training to optimize your website, utilize new tools and social media strategies.


the future

We're Just Getting Started!

These are just some of the agent benefits eXp offers. We're growing and adding technology every day. Make a change that will strengthen your business, grow your company and increase your chances for success.


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